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dom and letty meet fanfiction archive

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Family - Dom, Letty . "Hey good lookin'!" Dom greeted her with a quick kiss, but noticed she did not. On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks. Movies: Fast and the Furious fanfiction archive with over stories. The Last Kiss by Renata Holloway reviews 27, - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 66 - Follows: 76 - Updated: Dec 17 - Published: Jul 19, - [L. Hobbs, OC] [Dom, Letty].

Wearing a tight black leather skirt and, red bra and a tight netted top with knee high boots, no heel of course, she didn't want to look like some racer chaser skank. All the males watched her, they watched how she walked and how her eyes scanned all of the cars that were lined up. Jesse followed behind her. He saw everyone looking at her. He knew, just like Vince and Leon that none of them had the balls to talk to her and if they did they made sure it wasn't for long.

Dominic was aware of it too. But it never worried him. He knew Letty like he knew the back of his hand. He would always have her back, just like she had his.

Dominic and Hector were discussing what had happened that afternoon. Apparently after Hectors crew had left, Juan was given his marching orders but Hector wanted Dominic to know that he was here tonight. They saw his car and Hector remembered how upset Juan had been so he wanted to make sure everything was alright. Dom laughed; he didn't think that Juan was a threat to him or his boys.

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But he forgot Letty wasn't a boy. Suddenly somebody pushed into to Vince and Leon "Hey watch where you're going punk," Vince started following the guy. Dominic was surrounded by racer chasers, one in particular was standing in his line of vision.

dom and letty meet fanfiction archive

He didn't see Juan. But Juan wasn't walking towards Dom, he was headed straight for Letty. Letty kept walking towards Dom but by now she was too far from Jesse for her to hear his warning and Dominic couldn't see her. Suddenly Juan broke into a jog and his fist connected with Letty's ribcage. She fell to the ground instantly and he ran. Meanwhile Jesse was yelling for Dominic to look at Juan. Dominic saw some chick fall to the ground. He felt himself explode when he realised it wasn't just some chick.

Only one chick wore see through shirts with bright bras, it was Letty. He felt like a volcano erupting as within seconds he knew what had happened. News travelled quickly and Vince and Leon were at Letty's side instantly. Juan was almost at his car. Dom met the boys. His voice was so steely it was scary. They ran to their cars. Dom heard Hector and Edwin yelling to their crews to assist, which they did.

Juan had a head start but not for long. We gotta get outta here babe come on, huh," Jesse was stuttering and he tried to pull Letty off the ground. She was hit in her midsection and when Jesse tried to lift her up it hurt, it really hurt.

Dominic bent down and lifted Letty up as if she was as light as a feather. He couldn't believe that she was this light.

She was holding her breath as the searing pain overwhelmed. When they reached Dom's car he placed her into the passenger seat.

dom and letty meet fanfiction archive

He was mad, in fact he was furious. He was mad that someone would dare to try and get one of his team and it made him sick that that gutless jerk Juan would go for Letty like that.

Sure she was one of the boys but there were times when he and the guys realised that Letty was a girl as well and they should have been with her to protect her. He hoped the boys found that punk and then, well he knew it wouldn't be pretty. She looked up at him, managed to get out a small laugh however it was laced with unmentioned pain. Sirens could be heard in the distance, Letty began to panic. Hurry up before they get here. When they arrived at the house Leon and Vince were waiting outside.

They were laughing joking around. Dom was not impressed. I just turned sixteen a week ago, I got my liscense, and my dream car. Two years ago Dom, Mia's brother went to jail, I've always been in love with him, I tried to hide it, but Mia and I wer talking and Vince overheard and told Dom. And then everybody knew. But he went to jail and he was getting out on probation. I didn't want to bee here, because I might do something stupid if I am.

dom and letty meet fanfiction archive

I've tried to move on so many times, and well I've got a boyfriend, he knows about the Dom thing, and I don't want to make him feel like I was just using him, I'm not really, I am trying to move on and I'm not so sure it's really working. The real test will be tonight, when I have to come back, they're going to celebrate and Mia asked me to be there instead of staying away all boyfriend, his name's Aiden. Yeah, he does't really like cars, he's really pretty much the opposite of Dom, Mia set the date up.

He was a friend, and she knew of my plan to get over Dom, and well it really hasn't changed, but I won't give up on the plan.

dom and letty meet fanfiction archive

Aiden doesn't really mind that I like to work on cars, someimes he comes up and we talk while I work up with the guys at the garage. They let me help out after they figured they needed help and I was the person they could get fastest.

Set between Consequences and Complications.

dom and letty meet fanfiction archive

But when the Yakuza took her to drive for them, they destroyed what she had left. Good thing for her someone's there to put everything back together. HanxOC Added new chapter 9 Rated: K - English - Family - Chapters: Nicole Toretto, who is a little firecracker and just like her parents in every way. But how would a kid change things? How can a child grow up running from the law, deal with family deaths and make it through it all?

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