Did robert the bruce and william wallace ever meet

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did robert the bruce and william wallace ever meet

Error #6: Isabelle of France never met William Wallace Wallace did support Robert the Bruce for the throne and Bruce's father (Robert the. There are two men whose names were a clarion call to all Scots. Robert the Bruce, who took up arms against both Edward I and Edward II of England and who. BBC Scotland's History article about Robert the Bruce, King of Scots - Bruce was also absent at the Battle of Falkirk, in which Wallace's army was devastated, but On 11th February Robert Bruce met John 'The Red' Comyn at but Edward Bruce did have a serious ambition to rule Ireland as the King.

A multiple Oscar winner, an awe-inspiring cinematic portrayal of Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace and his greatest accomplishments.

did robert the bruce and william wallace ever meet

Here is a list of the most important historical inaccuracies that people should be aware of before watching the movie. Disclaimer due to the huge amounts of traffic to this post and the ridiculous length of the comments section: I am not a historian and have never claimed to be.

All the facts on this page are from my personal research done out of curiocity using a variety of sources. Comments have now officially been closed. As an added side-note: Only a year later King Robert I died at the age of just fifty-four. Perhaps actor Angus Macfadyen was too handsome to be encumbered with such a disease in the film? So the Bruce found himself lying on his death bed with minutes before he finally met his maker.

War of the Three Kings: Part One (Scottish History Documentary)

Around him were friends and family and his great right-hand-man, Sir James Douglas, hero of the Scottish wars of independence. Robert the Bruce, at some point during that last day, must have realised that his final journey would be down the fiery staircase to hell, for not only did he have the mortal sin for the murder in the church hanging over him, but he had also failed to fulfil his solemn vow to go on the religious crusade.

Breaking that vow was a second mortal sin and the Bruce would now be certain in his own mind that there could be no escaping the fires of hell.

History vs Braveheart

But just a minute Barely able to speak, in a hushed voice the king told Sir James his plans to help him escape the dreadful wrath of God over his mortal sins.

This he placed into a hurriedly prepared lead casket which he then hung on a chain around his neck. Marching from the room, he then formed a volunteer Scottish army and set off on the crusade. Off they went but, when they arrived in Spain, Douglas discovered that it was crawling with Saracens and Moors. Not only that, but by having his Crusade in Spain he could be back in time for Christmas.

He ordered the Scots to charge … without checking how many Saracens they were facing. They were vastly outnumbered, perhaps even by as many as five to one! The battle was going badly.

did robert the bruce and william wallace ever meet

The Saracens had fought off the initial charge and began a counter charge. Fighting a retreating action in medieval warfare is never a good idea and the Scots were dying like flies. Sir James and some fellow knights found themselves isolated from the main force. They were about to be surrounded and he knew that they would soon be dragged from their mounts and killed. In reality, Pure Fiction, it never happened. In reality, Robert the Bruce was in fact the 7th Robert Bruce and his father was not dying of Leprosy.

In the Film, William Wallace has no intention of fighting the English or freeing his country until his wife Murron is killed Wallace had refused to sign the Ragman Roll from the very beginning, even before his supposed wife had been killed, he was opposed to English rule.

In the film, Wallace falls in love with Murron, and secretly weds her. After which she is killed and William gets revenge on the Sheriff and English who cut her throat by cutting his Of course there is no solid evidence that Wallace was ever married to a Marion Braidfute or any woman for that matter, but it is a possibility. After advancing on the town, Wallace is said to have cut the Sheriff to pieces with his sword, not cut his throat, and he and his band proceeded to burn two houses with the English guards inside.

In reality, Amish and Campbell are fictional characters. Legend says that Wallace did have a close friend called Stephen of Ireland.

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Of course there is no solid evidence that either Stephen of Ireland or Kerly really existed. In the film, Wallace joins with the highlanders led by Nobles Craig, Lochlan and Mornay before the battle of Stirling In reality, William Wallace and his men joined forces with the rebels under Andrew de Moray at Dundee in before the battle of Stirling.

Craig, Lachlan and Mornay were fictional characters; they never existed, although several Nobles did assist Wallace and Moray at the battle. In the Film, the battle of Stirling takes place upon an open field, during which Wallace and his men use schiltrons to repel the English cavalry But Wallace was not given knighthood until after his invasion of Northern England. In reality, Wallace did indeed invade Northern England after his victory at Stirling Bridge, but he did not sack or even approach the city of York.

They raided for both needed supplies and for revenge. In reality, Complete bollocks, it never happened, there was no attempt by Edward to bribe Wallace, and the princess was about 5 or 6 years old at the time. In reality, Wallace may have been betrayed by the Noblemen under John Comyn, although there is no solid evidence of this, but not by fictional characters Mornay and Locklan.