Cast and crew of meet the fockers

Meet the Fockers () - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

cast and crew of meet the fockers

Cast & Crew. Jack Byrnes Robert De Niro. Greg Focker Ben Stiller. Bernie Focker Dustin Hoffman. Rozalin Focker Barbra Streisand. Dina Byrnes Blythe Danner. Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Meet the Fockers directed Domestic disaster looms for male nurse Greg Focker (Stiller) when his Critics Consensus: Talented cast is wasted as the movie is content with Cast & Crew. Cast: Ben Stiller · Robert De Niro · Dustin Hoffman · Barbra Streisand · Blythe. The Barbra Streisand Archives, an unofficial fan site since , has Cast: Robert De Niro Jack Byrnes; Ben Stiller Greg Focker; Dustin Hoffman Bernie Focker; Barbra Streisand Rozalin Focker; Blythe Danner. Employees of the store, which was closed for the film crew, said Barbra even bought some clothes.

With most of the awards going to smaller films, the awards probably won't have any impact on the top five.

Meet the Fockers () - Overview -

In fact, there probably won't be any change at the top spot and only one change in the top five. Alexander Reigns over International Audiences January 19th, After a massive opening last week in Spain, Alexander took top spot on the international charts thanks to a strong opening in Italy, Brazil and Hong Kong. In spite of this, two things should be kept in mind. First, it is much too early in the year for those comparisons to be truly meaningful. Second, started off very slowly, and didn't pick up until late February.

Meet the Parents () - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

So the comparison is tilted in 's favor. Martin Luther King Day Delay January 17th, Much of the country is celebrating the life of the civil rights leader, which will lead to a one day delay in the weekend wrap-up, but shouldn't affect any of the other columns this week.

Real Race for the Top January 14th, With three new films opening and two others expanding into wide release, there is a lot of competition for top spot.

However, no film is standing out as the obvious choice for top spot, which makes for an exciting weekend. In fact, given the average reviews the race for top spot could be more entertaining than most of the movies in question.

Fockers Still the Biggest Draw, But Stripes in the Race January 14th, Meet the Fockers continues as the most widely distributed movie this weekend, adding 25 theaters to reach a healthy 3, locations.

In spite of big expansions for In Good Company to 1, theaters and House of Flying Daggers to 1,two movies have significant openings. Twelve Takes Top Spot January 12th, The race for first in the international marketplace continued to be close with three films within a couple million of each other.

Meet the Fockers - Cast Interview

The heist film did open well in several markets, which mostly balances out severe drop-offs due to the post-holiday. This despite the one new release beating all expectations. Next weekend should really turn things around, on the other hand. Quiet Weekend for New Releases January 7th, The weekend after Christmas is historically a very poor weekend to release a new film, as is the first weekend of the new year.

Of course, normally these are the same weekend, but not this year. So by stretching out this down time we get two weekends in a row where's there's not much new to get bodies into theatres. Will End in a Whimper? December 31st, It's the last day of tonight so you could either call this the last weekend of or the first weekend of As for the predictions this weekend, there should be almost no change in the top five but the overall box office should climb from last weekend.

However, in most markets the film is not holding up as well as the studio would have liked. Liz Smith also reported that Barbra visited L. Polo confessed, "She gave me a white chocolate lollipop in the shape of a breast.

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As usual, tabloid news spread, too. One gossip column had Barbra storming off the set. Of course, she had not even begun filming yet!

Another far-fetched but curious story had Barbra hiring a hypnotist to help her get some sleep. An official web site was created www.

cast and crew of meet the fockers

Roz and Bernie Focker. They repainted the house and dressed it with more foliage. Barbra passed right by them. Suddenly, they realized who it was and began dancing! They have great comic timing. Stiller elaborated to Film Monthly: They were obviously released to coincide with it. That said, Parents comes loaded with additional features. Spotlight On Location hands you a standard behind-the-scenes look at production.

Deleted Scenes and Outtakes are self-explanatory. The Truth About Lying educates you about how a polygraph really works. Silly Cat Tricks profiles the training that went into helping Jinx pull off his acting.

It really reveals a wealth of information about the production from director Jay Roach and producer Jane Rosenthal, along with what is essentially a delightful conversation between Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller that really lets you know this was a pair made in heaven from a casting point-of-view.

This Blu-ray features a respectable amount of bonus material to browse through. This film, of course, was by no means at the high end of production budgets, but a solid effort was given for this release.

cast and crew of meet the fockers

It even includes a theatrical trailer for the film. Meet the Fockers, unlike many sequels themselves, is not an entire repeat when it comes to the additional features of the Blu-ray.

Deleted Scenes extends some scenes of conflict and laughs. In contrast to the previous Blu-ray, Outtakes was renamed Bloopers for Fockers. This is a long collection of flubbed lines and giggles, letting you in on the human side of filmmaking.