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But of course after a while, you settle in and get comfortable and it just becomes fun. Now, that young hot-shot has turned into a sage and wise veteran of the blues some 20 years later. When I first started out, I looked at it like it was something that was fun for me.

I think what it boils down to is music is like medicine. It can get you through a time of pain, or helps you enjoy a time of happiness.

Burnside in his compact disc collection.

Issue 8-21 May 22, 2014

When played well, slide guitar enables players to hit microtonal notes and to emulate the human voice more adroitly than on a regularly fretted guitar, creating a singularly emotional experience for the listener. Electric slide players may play in standard tuning Warren Haynes, Rory Gallagher or tune to an open chord Duane Allman used open E primarily; Muddy usually used open G, although his later recordings were often in standard tuning.

As a result, only very rare and extravagantly talented musicians such as Derek Trucks or Sonny Landreth have the technique and application to work around this limitation through fingering strings behind the slide or angling the slide at gymnastic angles. Originally a lap steel guitar player, when he was 15 Cober found a novel way around this problem when he invented what is now know as the double slide technique, which involves using two guitar slides simultaneously, both worn on the left hand.

He wears one slide on his middle finger, and places a modified thumb slide on his thumb that is able to cover two strings.

Issue May 22, – Blues Blast Magazine

Playing a standard six string guitar tuned to open E tuning, the double slide would be just a novelty gimmick were it not for the fact that Cober also employs superb technique, bags of attitude and no little humor. Austin Wired is a very enjoyable album, because Cober deploys his slide playing in support of the song, rather than using the song as an excuse to demonstrate his technical facility.

Cober wrote seven of the nine songs himself. The songs are well-written and Cober demonstrates a fine ear for an interesting vocal melody. Reviewer Rhys Williams lives in Cambridge, England, where he plays blues guitar when not holding down a day job as a technology lawyer or running around after his children.

He is married to an American, and speaks the language fluently, if with an accent. An all-instrumental concept album, it relates through the medium of music the story of a tight-knit group of male friends on an all-night bender one Saturday night. It starts with the men warming up and getting into a party mood, then follows them as they visit various clubs, drinking, chasing women and soul-searching.

Some of the gang drop out as the evening progresses, finally leaving three friends to crawl home under the full moon of the title. It fades in to the discordant sound of a band warming up over a ragged jazz groove, with the musicians not quite playing together, bent notes not quite reaching pitch and the groove being missed by a mile. Things do however pick up as the album progresses.

The album is the brainchild of Berdon Kirksaether, a Norwegian guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer.

Kirksaether and his band are well-established in the Norwegian blues scene and this CD was partly recorded in Norway, partly in Germany.

Blues & BBQ Invitational

Kirksaether is joined by bassist and keyboardist Stein Tumert and drummer Olaf Olsen. Kirksaether wrote all the songs and this is very much his album. All of the songs are led by and heavily feature his guitar. He is clearly a solid blues-rock player, but on the evidence of this album, it is less obvious that he is a natural jazz or pure blues player.

There is little variation in tone or texture in his playing within individual songs, bar the occasional lowering or raising of volume. In addition, some of his bends are microtonally flat, creating a disconcerting sensation for the listener.

Tumert and Olsen provide solid support, particularly on the jazzier numbers. The blues is primarily a voice-led music; as a result, instrumental albums are rare and successful ones even more so.

The acknowledged classics in the genre have tended to lean towards jazz for example, Ronnie Earl or Duke Robillard or are written with memorably catchy melodies Freddie King, Rick Holmstrom. Successful instrumental concept albums are even rarer.

The listener can only learn about the storyline by reading the CD liner notes or checking the website, which may severely limit MP3 sales. There is however a lot to enjoy on Latenighters.

It is clear the musicians are really enjoying themselves and there is some high quality playing, although it feels more like a soundtrack album than a collection of instrumental songs. It captures moods in moments, rather than laying down standalone songs with identifiable melodies and structures.

It is a brave experiment, which is to be applauded, but it is one that is only intermittently successful. On this recording the band consists of Kelly Zirbes handling the vocals, Perry Robertson on guitar, Rob Zucca also on guitar and bringing up the rhythm section is Matt McFadden on bass with Robert Dill on drums.

While there are 16 tracks listed on the cover there are actually 14 songs with two intros. The band was formed in as a trio and it seems blues was not the main focus at that time.

The band seems to have a penchant for tempo changes and display that inclination throughout the recording. As the nominees and fans arrive in Memphis, the schmoozing, networking, reuniting, and events are non-stop. Thursday was the big day. With people still arriving, the Recording Academy had a gathering to discuss the importance of the blues categories in the Grammy Awards, Yellow Dog Records Showcase was going on BB Kings, and a free health screening was conducted in the afternoon at the Sheraton.

After that it was time to polish up and head to the Cook Convention Center for the reception before the awards ceremony. Let the fashion show and music begin!

Throughout the evening, the awards were presented. Below are the awards that were presented to the winners who were present for a complete list of all nominees and winners go to www. Traditional Blues Male Artist: James Cotton; Koko Taylor Award: Eddie Shaw; Historical Album: Victor Wainwright; Soul Blues Album: Danielle Schnebelen was Kris Schnebelen. All the performers and bands, throughout the evening, were nominees nominations are listed.

What a great lineup of talent! In order of performances were: Between some sets were individuals performing: Ronnie Earl — Instrumentalist — Guitar Winner invited his friends to play: Brandon Santini — Instrumentalist — Harmonica.

Meet Authority Productions

And closing the evening was The Cedric Burnside Project. Cedric won the Instrumentalist — Drummer. He was joined by Trenton Ayers guitar. The evening was great success. Some of the items on your list might and probably should include the following: Check your organization plan to order and make sure it meets the needs of your business plan and follows the professional standards and guidelines of USA Gymnastics.

Review your staff's job descriptions and make sure someone's includes supervising the scheduling of classes, team practices and meets. Make sure you review your written policies for employees and participants concerning the operation of the program. Review your procedure of reporting any accident or injury to students or employees or visitors.

Check your equipment evaluation records to make sure maintenance records include any new equipment you may have purchased during the past year, and identify any building maintenance problems. Evaluate your procedures for approving work schedules, sick and vacation leave and assigning employees to work overtime as required.

Evaluate the training needs of your employees and identify appropriate training conferences or workshops they will need to attend. Review your policy how to properly supervise anyone inside your facility and how to make sure your facility is not overcrowded. Review your knowledge of local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations pertaining to employment including procedures for reporting a work-related injury or illness, rules for overtime, compensatory time, sick and annual leave, disciplinary procedures, laws pertaining to discrimination and harassment, and the American with Disabilities Act as needed to supervise subordinates.

Review your procedures for budgeting and techniques to include projecting and tracking expenditures and revenues as needed to prepare, administer, and monitor the operation budget. Review the physical hazards and safety precautions of recreational and competitive gymnastics as needed to help prevent accidents and serious injuries.