Billy crystal and john goodman meet their monsters inc characters

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billy crystal and john goodman meet their monsters inc characters

Billy Crystal Talks MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, Getting Back into Character, Playing off John Goodman, His College Experience and Harry Met Sally, so I showed them Monsters, Inc. And then, I was Grandpa Mike Wazowski. Monsters University Clip - Mike and Sulley's First Morning | Official Disney Pixar HD was 'Monsters Elementary', a version of the story in which Mike and Sulley meet as young The texture for Oozma Kappa fraternity character Squishy, designed to Director Dan Scanlon recalls Billy Crystal and John Goodman, in the. This summer's Pixar animation entry “Monsters University” shows us how the beloved working freaks from the hit “Monsters, Inc.” first met. The prequel brings back Billy Crystal and John Goodman to voice, respectively.

Randall pursues them to the door vault, and a wild chase ensues among the millions of doors as they move in and out of the storage vault on rails to the factory floor. Boo's laughter causes all the doors in the vault to activate at once, allowing the monsters to freely pass in and out of the human world. Randall attempts to kill Sulley, but Boo overcomes her fear of the former and attacks him, enabling Sulley to catch him.

Sulley and Mike then trap Randall in the human world, where two residents at a trailer park mistake him for an alligator and beat him with a shovel. Sulley and Mike take Boo and her door to the training room. Waternoose follows them and demands Sulley to surrender Boo to him.

Sulley inadvertently tricks Waternoose into shouting aloud his plan of abducting children; the confession is recorded by Mike on a videotape, who then plays the recording to the CDA; Waternoose is immediately arrested. Roz appears, revealing herself to be the CDA's director who has worked undercover for nearly three years to expose Waternoose and Randall's crimes.

She thanks Mike and Sulley for revealing his true colors, but orders the CDA to destroy Boo's door; they do so and Sulley is left saddened by Boo's departure. Under his leadership, the energy crisis is solved by harvesting children's laughter instead of screams, as laughter has been found to be ten times more potent.

Monsters Inc: See the Voices Behind Your Favorite Characters

Mike takes Sulley aside some time later, revealing he has rebuilt Boo's door. It needs one final piece, which Sulley took as a memento, in order to work. Sulley puts the door chip into place, enters, and joyfully reunites with Boo. List of Monsters, Inc. Even though Sulley excels at scaring children, he is a gentle giant by nature.

Billy Crystal as Michael "Mike" Wazowski, a short, round green monster with a single big eyeball and skinny limbs. Mike is Sulley's station runner and coach on the scare floor, and the two are close friends and roommates. Mike is charming and generally the more organized of the two, but is prone to neurotics and his ego sometimes leads him astray. He is dating Celia Mae, who calls him "Googly-Bear". Mary Gibbs as Boo, a two-year-old [4] [5] [6] human girl who is unafraid of any monster except Randall, the scarer assigned to her door.

Billy Crystal and John Goodman Meet Their Monsters

She believes Sulley is a large cat and refers to him as "Kitty". In the film, one of Boo's drawings is covered with the name "Mary". The book based on the film gives Boo's "real" name as Mary Gibbs, the name of her voice actress, who is also the daughter of one of the film's story artists, Rob.

He is a snide and preening character who makes himself a rival to Sulley and Mike in scream collection. James Coburn as Henry J. Waternoose III, an arthropodic monster with a crab-like lower body. He acts as a mentor to Sulley, holding great faith in him as a scarer. Jennifer Tilly as Celia Mae, a gorgon -like monster with one eye and tentacle-like legs.

Celia is the receptionist for Monsters, Inc.

billy crystal and john goodman meet their monsters inc characters

John Ratzenberger as Yeti [8] a. The Abominable Snowman, [9] a furry white monster who was banished to the Himalayas. Dan Gerson as Smitty and Needleman, two goofy monsters with cracking voices, who work as janitors and operate the Door Shredder when required. Bonnie Hunt as Ms. Flint, a female monster, who trains new monsters to scare children.

Samuel Lord Black as George Sanderson, a chubby, oranged-furred monster with a sole horn on top of his head. A running gag throughout the film involves George repeatedly making contact with human artifacts such as socks and the like which cling to his fur via staticprompting his scare coach to trigger "23—19" incidents with the CDA resulting in him mobbed, shaved bald, and sterilized.

He is good friends with Pete "Claws" Ward. Phil Proctor as Charlie, George's assistant with sea-green skin and tendrils for limbs. Joe Ranft as Pete "Claws" Ward, a blue monster with razor-sharp claws and horrifying breath. Development[ edit ] When production began in earnest on Monsters, Inc. The idea for Monsters, Inc. I knew monsters were coming out of my closet when I was a kid.

So I said, 'Hey, let's do a film about monsters.

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Docter pitched the story to Disney with some initial artwork on February 4 that year. He and his story team left with some suggestions in hand and returned to pitch a refined version of the story on May Each monster represented a fear he had, and conquering those fears caused the monsters eventually to disappear.

Sulley's eventual sidekick, Mike Wazowski, had not yet been added. As the story continued to develop, the child varied in age and gender. He feels envious because another scarer, Ned who later became Randallis the company's top performer. Docter would later describe that the team "bent over backwards trying to create a story that still had monsters " while still solving the problem, [16] A key moment came when the team decided "Okay, he's the BEST scarer there. He's the star quarterback" with Docter noting that before that moment "design after design, we really didn't know what he was about.

The idea was later largely rejected, as it was thought that audiences would be distracted by the tentacles. This is a different movie. Was it easy to get back into character? Yeah, because I work with John [Goodman] together, in the studio. We just looked at the first movie for a little while. But, to place them in that time in their lives, we talked a little bit about it. We had storyboards, which showed us slightly thinner versions. We just approached it that way.

Billy Crystal MONSTERS UNIVERSITY Interview | Collider

Is there a trick to sounding younger and thinner? Boy, I wish there was because we could make a lot of money. No, it was just was more of an attitude, in what they wrote and how we hit the lines and a certain enthusiasm.

How easy was it to get back together with John Goodman and throw things off each other? Was it that way, from the very first time? Well, I went to work on the first day and his stuff had already been recorded.

Is he not here? So, falling back with John was like putting on a pair of old slippers. What kind of student were you in college? I, I was always looking for something else to do, most of the time, until I got into the acting program. Then, I really found myself. But, that was true through high school, too. I knew what pretty much everything was. I could study last minute and get a solid grade.

Nobody was who they were yet, you know? Oliver was a little older, I think, and then he left quickly and went in the Army. He was a graduate student, but he handled all the production classes and all the history classes. He was a very intimidating young guy with hair to his shoulders, granny glasses and a big thick beard, making his first movie.

He drove us, always. We had lousy equipment. We had these turret lens cameras. And he was always talking about telling the right story and where the camera should be, at that moment. That was his big thing.

The history of film was a great class with him because we watched movies and he would talk about them. Did you feel that way before this? Yes, I felt it when we made the first movie. I just fell in love with him.

billy crystal and john goodman meet their monsters inc characters

What I loved about coming back to him was that I got to play him at a special time in his life. I got to play him at 18, or so. And I totally relate to him. And then, when he handles disappointment, he handles it really well and he finds a way out. I think that makes him an adult. How special were the lake scene and the cabin scene to do?

I loved the funny, but when those moments happened, I was really very pleased. I have to say that I was moved because they stopped feeling like animated characters to me.

They really felt like real people, or real monsters, with hearts and souls.

billy crystal and john goodman meet their monsters inc characters

I felt very moved by the bonding of the friendship, and how Sulley helps Mike through that. I thought that was great. Part of why I also felt good was that, on the first movie, I pushed that we work together. John and I threw aside the script, in that recording session, and we really got to act the scene out, close to each other. We were able to really act. Together, we thought we did a good job on it. This movie is very wise, in that way. How different is the dynamic, acting in front of a microphone, as opposed to acting in front of an audience or a camera?

Well, it is what it is.