Big hero 6 meet the heroes and villains

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big hero 6 meet the heroes and villains

Characters with supervillain identities. Trending pages. Obake · Globby · Trina · Noodle Burger Boy · Momakase · Yokai · High Voltage · Mr. Yama. All items (37). Meet the characters from Disney's Big Hero 6 movie! bot turns out to be more than what he was built for — he's a hero, and quite possibly Hiro's closest friend. Big Hero 6 is a American 3D computer-animated superhero film produced by Walt Disney Hiro also meets Professor Robert Callaghan, the head of the university's robotics Further information: List of Disney's Big Hero 6 characters .. It takes place a year after the events of the film, where the heroes discover and.

He would also use the strength of the Microbots to utilize surrounding objects heavy in weight to crush his enemies, such as a cargo container, a car, or a massive piece of concrete. The Microbots could also be used as Yokai's source of transportation on multiple terrains, as they were capable of being used on both solid land, and sea.

During travel, Yokai would usually stand at the high center of the Microbots, which would be formed into a mountainous form during such occasions.

big hero 6 meet the heroes and villains

It should also be noted that Yokai's secondary source of power was his own intellect. With such power over the mind, Yokai was able to carry out his plot to solely rebuild Krei's portal which is an example of his vast intelligence, in and of itselfsteal Hiro's Microbots, and duplicate said inventions without having law enforcements catch on.

In fact, if it weren't for the unintentional interference of BaymaxTadashi's healthcare robot, Yokai's plot would have very well succeeded. Callaghan is first introduced at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technologywhere he is introduced to Tadashi's younger brother, Hiro Hamadaa young genius.

Tadashi reveals Callaghan is the renowned creator of the very technology Hiro uses for bot-fighting purposes, and the cunning professor subtly reprimands the boy's actions, cleverly convincing him to join the school alongside his brother, to use his brains for greater purposes.

In order to gain acceptance, Hiro builds the Microbots: Hiro takes his invention to the school's annual student showcase, where they impress Callaghan.

However, they also catch the attention of Alistair Krei, who looks to purchase Hiro's inventions for Krei Tech Industries. Callaghan intervenes, warning Hiro to steer clear of the tech-guru as—according to Callaghan—he only uses the science for personal gain.

After some consideration, Hiro takes Callaghan's advice, and refuses to sell his creation. And with that, Callaghan grants Hiro acceptance into the school. Yokai confronts Hiro and Baymax at the warehouse. After Hiro's departure, Callaghan steals the Microbots for his own nefarious purposes in seeking revenge on Krei, and to cover his tracks, the professor sparks a fire, setting the showcase hall ablaze. As panicked attendants barely escape the disaster with their lives, Tadashi gets word that Callaghan is still in the building, and rushes inside to rescue him, losing his life in the process once the building violently explodes.

Callaghan, meanwhile, is presumed dead. Unbeknownst to anyone, however, Callaghan used the Microbots to save himself, and proceeded with his plot to get revenge on Alistair, under the guise of a mysterious and elusive masked figure known as Yokai.

Yokai sets up a base of operation within an abandoned warehouse near the city's harbor, where the Microbots are massed produced to create an overwhelming army. One day, Hiro and Tadashi's healthcare robot, Baymax, stumble upon the warehouse and discover the Microbots being mass-produced.

Yokai notices their presence, and uses the bots to attack, though they manage to escape. Yokai during the chase throughout San Fransokyo. Realizing the fire that killed Tadashi was no accident, and was merely used as a means to cover the tracks of the Microbot theft, Hiro transforms Baymax into a crime-fighting robot and heads out to the warehouse in the middle of the night in hopes of capturing Yokai and bringing him to justice. They use the only Microbot left in their possessions to track down the masked villain, leading them to the trading post.

There, Yokai emerges from the foggy bay, with a piece to the dismantled Silent Sparrow portalprompting Hiro and Baymax to take cover in silence.

Once spotted, the masked villain attacks the group, and tries to kill them, believing they've seen too much according to Fred.

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Using the Microbots, Yokai rampages through the city, after the team's vehicle, making several attempts to destroy them before they can escape. Though Yokai's attempts nearly succeeds, the team eventually manages to evade him by accidentally driving their car into the sea and apparently drowning.

big hero 6 meet the heroes and villains

Yokai looks upon the damage, and believes them to be dead, thus prompting him to depart. Yokai battles the team on Akuma Island. However, the team survives and safely return to dry land.

Afterward, under the guidance of Hiro, they use their technological advances to become a superhero team known as Big Hero 6, with hopes of stopping Yokai's plot and avenging Tadashi. Meanwhile, Yokai continues onward with his revenge scheme of recollecting the missing pieces to the Silent Sparrow portal, and does so by infiltrating an abandoned facility on Akuma Island.

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Notably, the facility once belonged to Krei, and was the area in which both Silent Sparrow and Abigail's supposed death took place. Wet and freezing, Fred suggests that they rest in an enormous mansion that he reveals to be his home. After realizing that Baymax had scanned the masked man, Hiro decides to upgrade Baymax further so he can scan the entire city to find him.

Hiro also upgrades his friends and provides them with supersuits of their own. When scanning the entire city, Baymax locates the masked man on a quarantined Akuma Island off-shore from the city. There, the group discovers a former Krei Tech lab that was experimenting with teleportation technology. The test went awry when one of the portals became unstable and the human test pilot got lost and presumed died.

Because of this, they suspect that Krei is the masked man. The masked man unexpectedly reappears and attacks them. They attempt to steal his mask, where they deduce the transmitter is located. Despite some difficulties, Hiro succeeds in knocking off the mask and the mysterious man is revealed to be Professor Callaghan, who explains that he survived by using Hiro's microbots to shield himself from the blaze. Upon realizing that Tadashi died for nothing, Hiro becomes enraged; he angrily removes Baymax's healthcare chip and orders him to kill Callaghan.

With only the battle chip left, Baymax becomes a mindless killing machine and goes on a rampage in an attempt to kill Callaghan, who is powerless without the microbots. Go Go, Fred, Wasabi, and Honey are able to stop Baymax and reinsert his chip, but in the process, Callaghan retrieves his mask and escapes. Angry at the four for preventing him from getting revenge, Hiro leaves with Baymax. Once home, Hiro attempts to remove Baymax's healthcare chip again, but Baymax objects to this, not wanting to become a mindless killing machine again, and asks him if killing Callaghan will make him feel better.

To comfort him, Baymax then shows several video recordings of Tadashi during Baymax's development. A remorseful Hiro realizes that killing Callaghan is not what Tadashi would have wanted and he makes amends with his friends. After examining more footage of the teleporter test, they discover that the test pilot was none other than Callaghan's daughter Abigail and realize that Callaghan is seeking revenge on Krei, whom he blames for her apparent demise. Using the microbots, Callaghan captures Krei and repairs the portal device so it will become unstable and destroy everything Krei loves: The heroes arrive and Hiro attempts to reason with Callaghan, stating that revenge is a hollow victory.

Callaghan briefly falters, but ultimately gives in to his hatred and proceeds with his plan. She is sarcastic and bluntly talks about her boss and his company. Mochi - Hiro and Aunt Cass' overweight calico cat. They care deeply for their pet cat, though he can occasionally be a nuisance. Ringleader voiced by Charlotte Gulezian [44] - An eye-patch wearing Asian woman who heads the bot-fights in San Fransokyo. She works under Mr. In the series, she is credited as Yama's Assistant.

She wanted to be a bot-fighter, but grew up to be a pilot for Krei Tech. An accident left her lost in between dimensions and in suspension.

big hero 6 meet the heroes and villains

Abigail is rescued by Hiro and Baymax and hospitalized. Frederickson was once a superhero named Boss Awesome, but settled and had Fred whom he let into his past secret by the post-credits scene. He travels the world on exotic exhibitions and appears to possess super strength.

Frederickson voiced by Susan Sullivan [47] - Fred's wealthy socialite mother who is embarrassed by her son's antics, but loves him nonetheless. She was initially embarrassed by how people perceived her and her family, but later learns to deal with it.

Known for his somewhat pompous delivery.

Big Hero 6

They get their power from an electricity orb, [24] but also have wristbands that are powered by a special cell battery. She never speaks and is always disappointed with something.

Frederickson, he was old back when he fought him.