Auggie and annie hospital scene from meet

auggie and annie hospital scene from meet

No amount of heightened senses could help Covert Affairs' Auggie see what “ You see it in the [final] scene — Annie stands up at a weird moment, and you . He met Parker like 3 episodes ago and has been with her a few months .. Spending all night on a hard hospital bench to be sure she hasn't been. Lena has arranged the crime scene to make it appear that Annie and Simon shot each other, Barber meets Auggie at the hospital, who is rather curt to him. The first meeting (Bro Hug! Mellysaur · Covert Affairs . Piper Perabo / Chris Gorham Piper Perabo, Covert Affairs, General Hospital, Perfect Man Auggie waiting for Annie to wake up. the most heart wrenching scene! I love Auggie!.

auggie and annie hospital scene from meet

Joan argues they should hire Chet Liguardi to defend him rather than relying on the in-house counsel. Auggie tells Annie to get Danielle out of the house so their people can do a sweep. She pours her nieces huge glasses of juice and waits for them to spill, then says she'll schedule the carpet cleaners.

She heads out to watch Nadia. They see her thug boyfriend manhandling her. They go inside a building. Annie thinks she hears gunfire. Auggie cautions her not to blow their cover, but she goes in.

Annie busts in to see champagne bottles popped and her boyfriend toasting her for her birthday. She slinks away, unnoticed. The next day, Joan says they're shutting Nadia down as an asset. Then she assigns Annie to read through back issues of a Montreal newspaper for intel -- grunt work. Jai visits Arthur, asking for direction on Ben.

Arthur suggests he lay low for a while. Annie stakes out Nadia's tennis tournament and takes photos of the people.

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Joan notes she's not at her desk. Annie reports to Auggie. He thinks what she's gone through lately is making her paranoid. He tells her the "carpet cleaner" sweep of her home came back clean. He tells her to take the rest of the day off, he'll cover. Annie brings Ben Five Guys, but finds he's not in his hospital room. The nurse says there's no record of anyone named Ben Mercer staying there.

Annie goes to Joan's house, which she knows is against about regulations. She asks about Ben. Joan dodges her question. From her answers, Annie gets Joan knows where he is and he's safe. Annie and Auggie grab a beer. He tells her the wouldbe assassins were a Belgian and a Finn who were hired for their access. Annie makes a connection about access and hustles them out. On the way she sends Jai her surveillance photos and has him run them through facial recognition. She explains to Auggie she was wrong about Nadia -- she's not in danger, her boyfriend is.

Nadia's an assassin and she's going to kill him. At her tennis match, we see she has a gun in her bag. The boyfriend is selling his Estonia holdings in advance of the country going to the Euro, which will somehow earn him oodles if he sells to Russians.

Annie thinks he's meeting with them, which would be in direct conflict with the Kremlin, putting his life in danger. Jai recognizes one of the men in the photos as a South African gold dealer. Annie thinks the boyfriend is double dealing. Nadia is caught in the middle. She has a plan. Cut to Auggie walking up to the boyfriend in the stands at Nadia's match and acting like he's in his seat. Auggie shows him his ticket to prove it, which says "you're in danger, walk out with me now.

Annie walks around under the stadium and bluffs her way past security. Nadia wins her match. Annie tells her they have her boyfriend and the CIA can protect her. Just then, Nadia's coach Katherine East comes out shooting.

Annie and Nadia make their way out front and into a waiting town car. The coach follows, shooting at them. Annie pulls off the freeway and down a dirt road.

She makes a sharp turn. The coach crashes behind them. Late at night, Joan opens her front door to high-priced attorney Chet Liguardi, who says Arthur hired him. Auggie goes in to talk to two young teenagers who have been breaking into houses.

auggie and annie hospital scene from meet

He asks them if they broke in to Annie's address and they say yes. Annie tells Nadia the CIA can relocate her, but she has to keep a low profile. Nadia says she'll live, it's still living. Late at night, Arthur pulls on to a parking garage. Ben Mercer gets in. Arthur appreciates what he did and has an offer of another job, off the books, but with full autonomy. Ben has one condition: Arthur says no way, she's a security risk.

He wonders why she'd have her passport if she was going to see him. He asks for the number. He calls Barber to run it. It shows up as a fake, one not made by the CIA. Auggie thinks this is good news. He wants the addresses of the best forgers in the area. He goes to an address late at night and finds the door open.

He carefully makes his way inside, where his cane hits a body. He checks for a pulse. Lena walks into the room. Auggie smells her perfume, then calmly stands up and walks out. Later, with units on the scene, Auggie tells Joan he heard a diesel car drive away. Inside, there's a rolled up rug where the body was. Auggie asks Joan if she sees any flowers or scented candles.

He could have sworn he smelled lavender earlier. Joan tells Auggie she's going through the evidence, trying to find something to help Annie. Auggie still hasn't slept, but he wants to go back to the hospital. At Langley the next day, Arthur brings Joan a change of clothes.

He tells her the committee decided to decommission Annie. Joan says Annie has been an invaluable operative.

Joan realizes Arthur never doubted Annie was guilty. At the hospital, the nurse tells Auggie he should talk to Annie. He gives it a shot. He tells her he misses her. Things have been different since Barcelona. Back in dreamland, Auggie walks Annie into a hotel, telling her Blackbird is in room To get there, she has to go through the kitchen.

He leads her through a door. They're in evening wear, waltzing in a room full of people. He tells her she's beautiful and kisses her. He tells her to head upstairs. In the hospital, Lena brings Auggie coffee. She tells him she won't tell anyone about his outburst in the polygraph room.

auggie and annie hospital scene from meet

She tells him if there's anything she can do, just ask. He thanks her for the coffee, but leaves it on the floor.

He goes back to Langley, to Joan.

auggie and annie hospital scene from meet

She tells him they need more. He suggests Lena killed the forger because he made Annie's passport and could tie Lena to it. Annie was just a patsy. He asks her again for the evidence, and threatens to quit if she doesn't turn it over. Joan snaps at him for demanding she break a dozen rules, then tells him she has to call tech support and give her access code. He gets her message and the access he needs. Auggie listens to all the reports, including the cookie delivery guy saying he didn't see anything out of the ordinary, just cars and houses.

Auggie looks up Lena's DMV record. She drives a grey BMW. They track down the cookie delivery guy to throw their hail Mary. They ask if he remembers seeing the grey BMW. Auggie and Joan take it to Arthur. He's not sure it's enough to implicate Lena, but it's enough to postpone decommissioning Annie. Annie woke up for a few minutes. Back in dreamland, Annie ends up in a funhouse of mirrors with Lena. In the hospital, Annie wakes up as Lena pinches her nose and holds her mouth to smother her.

An agent comes in to help. Lena knocks him out.

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Lena starts to attack Annie again. Auggie and Joan come in. Joan fights with her.