Virginia usag meet 2012

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virginia usag meet 2012

~Jonathan Horton Use the Interested in hosting a Virginia Men's Gymnastics State Meet in ? - USAG Championships @ Naval Academy. VIRGINIA AMUSEMENT DEVICE REGULATIONS. 1. PART I. GENERAL .. been found to comply with this chapter by a private inspec- tor or by an inspector . ifications; or (iii) have reached the maximum usage ex- pressed in number of. For taxable Year , the Commonwealth of Virginia is replacing If you do not meet the criteria shown above, visit or refer to Form C or Form F. If you need to . Barge and Rail Usage Tax Credit. • Coalfield.

However, poverty rates vary across areas of the state.

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Blacks 75 years and Whites 79 years in Virginia have a shorter life expectancy than Asians 87 years and Hispanics 88 years. Local programs and initiatives are also operating in the state. For example, Virginia Commonwealth University operates the Virginia Coordinated Care VCC Program, which aims to increase access to primary care, and the Mosby Partnership, which works to reduce health disparities among public housing residents in the Richmond area.

virginia usag meet 2012

People of color are disproportionately represented among the nonelderly uninsured in Virginia. As in other states across the U.

Most Medicaid beneficiaries in Virginia are enrolled in managed care. A main goal of the ACA is to extend health coverage to many of the 47 million nonelderly uninsured individuals across the country, including many of the 1 million nonelderly uninsured Virginians.

However, as a result of the Supreme Court decision on the ACA, the Medicaid expansion is now effectively a state option.

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The Governor and Democratic-controlled Senate are currently insisting on some form of Medicaid expansion in the state budget, while the Republican-controlled House of Delegates argues that the issue of Medicaid expansion should be debated separately from the state budget. Failure to pass a state budget could result in a state government shutdown on July 1, Virginia is implementing new quality and performance measures to improve primary and preventive care and care coordination.

InVirginia initiated two value-based purchasing programs in its Medicaid program: NearlyPoor Nonelderly Uninsured Adults in Virginia Are Currently in the ACA Coverage Gap Virginia is seeking to better coordinate care and control costs for its dual eligible beneficiaries, who often have complex and costly health care needs.

virginia usag meet 2012

Virginia is one of 11 states that have been approved so far to participate in a duals demonstration project. Developed and maintained by the Division of Legislative Automated Systems. As used in this chapter: The following activities shall not, in and of themselves, make a person an aggregator under this chapter: Energy efficiency programs include equipment, physical, or program change designed to produce measured and verified reductions in the amount of electricity required to perform the same function and produce the same or a similar outcome.

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Energy efficiency programs may include, but are not limited to, i programs that result in improvements in lighting design, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, appliances, building envelopes, and industrial and commercial processes; and ii measures, such as but not limited to the installation of advanced meters, implemented or installed by utilities, that reduce fuel use or losses of electricity and otherwise improve internal operating efficiency in generation, transmission, and distribution systems.

Energy efficiency programs include demand response, combined heat and power and waste heat recovery, curtailment, or other programs that are designed to reduce electricity consumption so long as they reduce the total amount of electricity that is required for the same process or activity.

virginia usag meet 2012

Utilities shall be authorized to install and operate such advanced metering technology and equipment on a customer's premises; however, nothing in this chapter establishes a requirement that an energy efficiency program be implemented on a customer's premises and be connected to a customer's wiring on the customer's side of the inter-connection without the customer's expressed consent.

Renewable energy shall also include the proportion of the thermal or electric energy from a facility that results from the co-firing of biomass.

virginia usag meet 2012

Sale of electricity from renewable sources through a renewable energy portfolio standard program. As used in this section: Any investor-owned incumbent electric utility may apply to the Commission for approval to participate in a renewable energy portfolio standard program, as defined in this section.

The Commission shall approve such application if the applicant demonstrates that it has a reasonable expectation of achieving 12 percent of its base year electric energy sales from renewable energy sources during calendar yearand 15 percent of its base year electric energy sales from renewable energy sources during calendar yearas provided in subsection D.

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It is in the public interest for utilities to achieve the goals set forth in subsection D, such goals being referred to herein as "RPS Goals". Any such Performance Incentive, if implemented, shall be in lieu of any other Performance Incentive reducing or increasing such utility's fair combined rate of return on common equity for the same time periods. However, if the utility receives any other Performance Incentive increasing its fair combined rate of return on common equity by more than 50 basis points, the utility shall be entitled to such other Performance Incentive in lieu of this Performance Incentive during the term of such other Performance Incentive.