Tekla india user meet 2012 election


tekla india user meet 2012 election

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Social media's misinformation battle: No winners, so far

Tekla's technology would also help to enhance collaboration and project management while managing design to construction oriented engineering process.

In order to avoid the delays in delivery, shortage of labour and boost product quality, developers and builders are adopting precast technology at a feverish pace, as it allows for quality delivery at a faster pace and results in significant cost advantage for them.

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Precast construction enables developers to save up to 60 percent time compared to projects using cast in situ construction methods. In other words, if traditional construction methods take one year to complete a project, the precast construction takes just about 4 to 5 months to complete a project of a similar scale.

Precast technology is a proven construction technology with many leading developers in the Middle East, Europe and US having executed multiple projects leveraging the same. Besides speeding up the construction process, it also enhances the quality of final construction output and is a fast emerging alternative to the traditional construction practices.

Tekla's BIM solution will help PIIPL deliver all types of precast concrete elements at the right time to the right place by integrating design and detailing with manufacturing, project management and efficient information sharing.

Tekla BIMsight - when i open the .ifc in field3d on iphone it is automaticly closed

Tekla's BIM solution will manage and optimize the whole value creating process, minimize errors and waste and improve collaboration. PIIPLsaid, "We tested a few software solutions in the past to facilitate our move to a 3D platform, but unfortunately we ended up wasting time and resources as none of the earlier solutions could satisfy our requirement of producing varied types of precast elements.

tekla india user meet 2012 election

Upon engaging with Tekla, and after a rigorous evaluation of their solutions, we concluded that Tekla BIM technology is best for our requirement. We are delighted with this partnership as it supports our mission to build high quality and cost effective precast structures.

tekla india user meet 2012 election

Tekla Structures 3D BIM helps us provide efficient construction solution through an integrated structural design 3D model, with every project data incorporated in the same. We are eagerly looking forward to give a massive face lift to our engineering processes". It further enables us to seamlessly generate construction deliverable documentation from the same 3D project model. Tekla's technologies such as the open BIM tools are focused on optimizing collaboration and smooth information flow between the software solutions so that managing construction of buildings becomes easier and smarter," he added.

Tekla drives the evolution of digital information models to provide greater competitive advantage to the construction, infrastructure and energy industries. The social network has started to see some payoff for its efforts.

tekla india user meet 2012 election

A research collaboration between New York University and Stanford recently found that user "interactions" with fake news stories on Facebook, which rose substantially in during the presidential campaign, fell significantly between the end of and July On Twitter, however, the sharing of such stories continued to rise over the past two years.

A similar measure from the University of Michigan's Center for Social Media Responsibility dubbed the "Iffy Quotient " -- which gauges the prevalence of "iffy" material on social networks -- also shows that Facebook's "iffiness" has fallen from a high of 8.

Twitter iffiness has also fallen slightly, from 5. Even at these levels, fake news remains huge and may be spreading to new audiences.

tekla india user meet 2012 election

A team led by Philip Howard, the lead researcher on Oxford's Computational Propaganda effort, looked at stories shared on Twitter during the last 10 days of September and found that what it called "junk news" accounted for a full quarter of all links shared during that time -- greater than the number of professional news stories shared during that time.

The team defined junk news as sources that published deceptive or incorrect information, often in an ideological or conspiratorial way, while failing to meet criteria such as professionalism, bias, credibility and style.

While the Oxford analysis didn't produce similar figures for Facebook, the researchers did map out how junk news circulates on the social network and found that conspiracy theories and other misinformation once confined to a "hard right" audience are now shared more freely among mainstream conservatives as well.

Left-leaning users have also developed a taste for junk news, the Oxford team found, but it represents only a small fraction of the material they share on Facebook.

Precast India, Tekla ink pact to provide high quality, cost effective precast structures

Such studies offer imperfect pictures of what's actually happening on social networks, since the services typically don't offer researchers untrammeled access to their data. Twitter, for instance, takes issue with the Oxford study, noting that it used a public feed of tweets that doesn't reflect the filtering Twitter does to remove malicious or spammy material.

tekla india user meet 2012 election

Tamping down misinformation, of course, is anything but easy. Adversaries are always finding new ways around restrictions.