Relationship marketing trends 2012

relationship marketing trends 2012

From it's commencement, a relationship marketing emphasis meant brands to help marketers understand consumer behaviors and trends. The top five marketing trends for according to Responsys: 1. advertising will be integrated as part of relationship marketing strategies. 3. To help marketers develop more effective customer loyalty strategies, loyalty marketer's association Loyalty suggests that in

Work Email Address Already a registered user? Slide 1 of Customer loyalty is critical for driving sustainable business growth, yet retaining and engaging customers remains one of the greatest challenges that businesses face.

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Customer engagement is the journey, loyalty is the destination Loyalty is a much bigger, broader, richer complex idea than it has been in the past. And it's growing ever more complex.

relationship marketing trends 2012

Loyalty is no longer about points, discounts, miles, rewards; it is about the way the processes, technologies, ideas, interactions engage a customer with the brand. Deeper engagement is the only way to achieve loyalty.

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A renewed and much-needed focus will be placed on customer retention and loyalty vs. Although daily deals like Groupon, LivingSocial are generating lots of buzz, marketers are realizing that price-based technologies have taken their focus away from the real prize: Creating that type of customer experience involves delivering quality customer service across all touchpoints.

And marketers are realizing that this means integrating the call center into the overall customer experience.

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Marketers will work to glean intelligence from social media feedback The vast majority of real-time data created today is unstructured data. Study after study is showing that marketers are struggling with mining this data and analyzing it to derive valuable insights and actionable intelligence from it. Data was needed across various touchpoints to help marketers understand consumer behaviors and trends.

relationship marketing trends 2012

Insights had to be extracted or mined so actionable strategies could be conceived and implemented. Today, with the advent of new technologies, rapidly changing consumer behaviors and an increasing amount of data, relationship marketing is being redefined. Relationship Marketing Today The essence of relationship marketing is a personal or emotional connection to a brand.

This connection is centered on trust that is created through the consistent delivery of a product or service that meets or exceeds customer expectations. Corporate Culture Impacts Relationship Marketing This trust is difficult to achieve and even harder to sustain. Brands must recognize there are cultural implications to a successful relationship marketing strategy.

5 Benefits of a Relationship Marketing Strategy

There must be alignment across all touchpoints in order to facilitate a consistent positive customer experience. Without a culture based on collaboration and cooperation, departmental silos will create barriers to the seamless bi-directional flow of information required to maximize the consumer experience across all channels. Customer Relationship Marketing maximizes value and drives profitability With proper collaboration, those interfacing with customers are empowered to use the resources of the organization to solve problems, answer questions and provide positive buying experiences for consumers.

In addition, satisfied customers will stay longer so profitability will be enhanced over time. Retaining customers improves marketing efficiency by reducing churn.

Building a Relationship Marketing Strategy A relationship marketing strategy begins with insights gleaned from data. Insights reveal opportunities and challenges.

relationship marketing trends 2012

Goals and objectives are developed as a first step in creating a marketing strategy that will address a specific opportunity or challenge.