Nithyananda comedy in press meet on 15th march 2012

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nithyananda comedy in press meet on 15th march 2012

In March , anti-Hindu forces came together in a sinister criminal conspiracy to .. [/icon_timeline_item] [icon_timeline_item time_title=”Black Comedy – Laughs at .. time_date_field=”15 May ″]CID recorded the interrogation of Swami .. -press-meet%2F||” time_date_field=”17 Mar ″]Swami-ji exposed the. Find Swami Nithyananda Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Swami Nithyananda and see India News | Press Trust of India | Friday September 21, a Kannada actor made headlines in March last year, addressed a press conference in Chennai today Bangalore News | | Wednesday June 15, The fake news about judge Om Prakash Saini was spread to make it look that he had a . amount of digging that Right-wing did to malign a journalist who has already met her fate. .. This photo was first posted six years ago, in January These videos started circulating on social media around March 15, , and.

Gurus Doin' Time and The Siddhi of PR When their threat of violence landed with a thud ending up on the desk of a local law enforcement officer, Nithyananda's little demons had to come up with a new plan; to whit: Did you guys know there are sufficient laws to put fanatics and fundamentalists like these blog posters behind bars?

I have heard that there have already been complaints to FBI and there is an investigation in progress. There is news that these posters who abuse Nithyananda and other swamis are black magic practitioners who want to destroy hindu dharma and tradition.

Attack by Media

Your druggist and black magic background is well-known. You cant escape by feigning innocence. One of the other posters in this site is also known to practice black majic in his yard with skulls and skeletons.

nithyananda comedy in press meet on 15th march 2012

There is clear evidence. I know that there have been life threatening letters received and you and some other posters on this site and others are in the list of suspects. Sex tape footage aired by Sun TV doctored: Nithyananda India News Press Trust of India Wednesday July 13, Controversial godman Swami Nithyananda, whose alleged sex tape with a Kannada actor made headlines in March last year, addressed a press conference in Chennai today where he claimed that the footage aired by Sun TV was doctored.

attacks by media houses [02GN05] – Nithyananda Truth

Nithyananda falls from horse, fractures limbs Bangalore News mid-day. According to the doctors who treated Nityananda, a bone had pierced through his skin and required corrective surgery. Nithyananda's dazed devotees and Sathya Sai Baba's family members alike.

nithyananda comedy in press meet on 15th march 2012

Throughout the time he was there, he appeared to be embarrassed In his application filed before the court on March 19, Notice to Kannada director over film on Bangalore Sex Swami Nithyananda Bangalore News Press Trust of India Monday March 21, A Hyderabad-based advocate has issued a legal notice to a Kannada film director not to make a film on self-styled godman Nithyananda which portrays a "distorted version" of his life.

The Meteoric Growth In a meteoric rise from toParamahamsa Nithyananda grew from a fledgling organisation to an international presence in 33 countries. In the landmark year toHis Divine Holiness, launched a tour across South India from city to city, conducting MahaSatsangs spiritual talks given to mega crowd gatherings of tens of thousands of peoplepowerful maha-homas ritualistic fire worship by a large assemblyand healing millions of people of various ailments, with just a mere touch.

Such rapid organic growth posed a direct threat to the anti-Hindu nexus, and led to what came to be the largest religious persecution in history. The core agenda was clear: The magnitude of coverage just after release of false atrocity news was used to incite mob hatred against His Divine Holiness and subsequently provoke mobs all over India to hunt him down.

nithyananda comedy in press meet on 15th march 2012

The Conspirators employed ugly blackmail, extortion and physical life-attack on the administrators of His Divine Holiness and grabbed huge amounts of money in the process. The Sanyasis and followers sustained traumatic injuries and underwent immediate surgeries in the aftermath. Several female Sanyasis were sexually assaulted, and their sacred vows of chastity shockingly violated.